by saleyhaahsan

Something for all you Olympic swimmers out there

Genuine Joy

The US Olympic Swimming Trials have concluded, so, now what? Many great questions have come through my inbox from readers, which I’ll address in this piece, as to what happens next for the swimmers who have qualified for the Olympics and their families.

1) What is the protocol for the swimmers who have made the Olympic team?

As a swimmer, if you are a contender for the Olympic Games, you arrange to have your passport ready and up-to-date before leaving for the Swimming Trials.  After officially making the team, the first stop, drug testing and processing — paper work filled out, Visas complete (if needed) and sizes given for team outfitting.  If the swimmer qualifies early in the meet, they relax and wait until the conclusion of the Trials, when on the last night, the entire team is introduced.  Some families see their swimmer throughout the meet, but for those…

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